Children First Divorcing Parents Education Program

Children First Divorcing Parents Education Program 


This education program has been developed with a goal of assisting divorced parents with processing issues of divorce as individuals and with their children.

Currently, this program is mandated by the Family Court Judge in the 13th Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois (Rule Series 900) which has been in effect since July 1, 2006. Parents will be assigned to this program in order to receive education in addressing problems and issues of the effects of divorce on their children. 


The Children First Divorce Parenting Education Program shall provide unique services to support and educate individuals and families during their Family Law Conflict. Using an education and support group model, Children First Divorce Parenting Education Program participants will be encouraged to deal with family transitioning. 


It is the responsibility of the participants to register for the class. 

Each applicant ordered to this program will be asked to pre-register and pre-pay for a class that best meets their scheduling and location needs. 

Classes are currently being held in Morris, IL. 

To register, call Crossroads Counseling Services at (815) 941-3882. 


* Divorcing couples shall attend separate sessions unless otherwise approved by the Program Director. 

* Any verbal or physically threatening behavior will result in automatic dismissal from the program (in this case, the court house will be immediately notified). 

* Attending any session while under the influence of drugs or alcohol will result in dismissal from the program. 

* If any participant is dismissed from the program for any reason, he/she must appear before the judge prior to returning to the program. 

* Early dismissal from the program will result in forfeiture of all program fees. 


The program consists of one - four 4 hour session. 

The Children First Divorce Parenting Education Program is an educational program: NOT a counseling program. The program consists of topic presentations followed by group discussions. The topics are those stated by divorcing parents to be the most common causes of conflict and emotional upset regarding children. 


The Children First Divorce Parenting Education Program will be standardized to include the following topics with establishing a healthy transition for the children of program participants: 

* Changes and choices

* Expressions: Coping with divorce

* Healthy Custody & Visitation: Transitions back and forth to different households

* Discussion of finances in front of your children

* Supporting your child during and after the divorce process

* Maintaining a neutral stance: Co-parenting

* Skill Training for Single Parenting & Step-Parents

* Developing Support Networks

* Roles of Extended Family Members: The importance of utilizing supportive resources to assist the single parent 


Certificates will be given at the end of the program. The certificates are proof of successful completion and it is the responsibility of the participant to present the certificate to the family court judge at the time of the divorce proceedings. 


The fee for the Children First Divorce Parenting Education Program is: 

$75 per person. 

The entire program fee must be paid prior to the start of the program. No services may be provided without advance payment. Walk-in registrations and payments at the door will NOT be accepted. 


Accepted forms of program fee payment include cash, money order or credit card. 


The Children First Divorce Parenting Education Program is located at: 

Crossroads Counseling Services, LLC 
1802 N. Division Street, Suite 509 
Morris,  IL.  60450 
(815) 941-3882 

Such services shall be held in a seminar format within a conference environment. Parents will be encouraged to ask questions and receive feedback from the counselor throughout each session. 

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